Born into a rich socialite family, Ali's passion for treasure hunting was frowned upon. After surviving a plane crash, she ran away before emergency services arrived, and - after initially being classed as missing - she was finally declared dead, and she used her escape as a chance to fulfil her dream of exploration without a fight.

​Physical AppearanceEdit

Faceclaim: ​Alyssa Wooten

Age: ​29

Build: ​Athletic, muscle tone.

​Hair: ​Dyed blonde.

Eyes: ​Brown.


  • White mandala on upper right arm.
  • Sanskrit for 'fearless' in dark red on her right ankle.

​Notable scars:*Light scarring from plane crash. Fashion: ​She prefers athletic wear and outdoor clothes suitable for climbing and durable against wear. She also wears light clothing for hot weather. Yellow is her favourite colour.